New Year

A new year and a new section to this site. Here we hope to bring you views and news and a lot between.

Having just packed away the decorations from Christmas my mind was drifting across the cards which also need to be cleared and various angels, depicted singing out on high, caught my eye. It put me in mind of a church I passed the other day when keen to get out and about. Right now of course it is shut like most others but back two summers ago, on a warm sultry afternoon, I took cool sanctuary within it’s walls and was astonished at what I found there. There right above me upon high was this vast 17th century painted ceiling of angels within the clouds – brightly coloured and boldly naked in some cases. That some puritanical hand in the past hadn’t endeavoured to coyly cover such brazenness was surprising enough; even more was the fact of it’s survival at all.

What artist in his devotions to a higher authority considered that some of the angels should bare their breast? What cleric accepted it and considered it respectful? Maybe everyone the day it was unveiled had been consuming too much local cider and didn’t notice. It begs so many questions and little in the way of answers but it is a visual treat and we are so fortunate for it’s survival.

Not only does the small Somerset hamlet of Muchelney boast this but also the remains of a fine Abbey in the care of English Heritage and the Priest’s House in the care of the National Trust. At the tiny triangular crossing of roads you can turn around without placing your feet in any direction and remarkably see all three. Certainly worth venturing to when times are better……