Seek and Ye Shall find…..

….or at least in theory. He was sought and found  but in a world where we’re watched and tagged virtually anywhere one of potentially the greatest art forgers of all time has gone AWOL. The Art Newspaper has the story as well as elsewhere and it’s certainly worth reading if, like me, you’re amazed by the situation and the man himself.

I was always quite taken with his Hals (above) and genuine or not you have to admire the skill and astonishing abilities of Giuliano Ruffini. I want to know where all the fakes are which have been discovered and returned by buyers, because if nobody wants them, I will. In todays world I’m sure the ‘celebrity’ angle would mean that these fakes could fetch large sums sometime in the future. Maybe if Banksy got them and shredded them or something????

Anyway, apparently Ruffini, who is nearly aged 80, has had a warrant out for his arrest across Europe since 2019. Parisian judge Aude Burési, who has led a seven-year investigation into these allegedly forged Old Masters paintings which were  sold over recent decades for many many millions of euros must be hopping mad. Legal technicalities in different countries has meant the police have lost track of him….